Appuploader adds a powerful feature

Free Apple pay developer account, direct use of ordinary Apple id, you can use Appuploader application ios test certificate, packaged ipa installed to non-jailbreak equipment.


Of course, if you want to shelves App Store or need to register a paid Apple developer account.


If you just install ios application to your own mobile phone test, now only need to register a common Apple account on the line.


Apply ios certificate package ipa test in five steps


1. Apply for an Apple account

2. Request ios test certificate (p12)

3. Request ios description file (mobileprovision)

4. Package ipa

5. Install ipa


First, apply for Apple account



1, click the Apple id registered address, enter the relevant information registration, if you have an Apple account to see the second step, but also need to log under the Apple Developer Center, agreed to the agreement,



2, registered success, or have an Apple account, and log Apple Developer Center


Agree to agree to the agreement, click Submit to submit.

So you can log in Appuploader, create ios test certificate.


Second, apply for ios test certificate (p12)


Use the Appuploader tool to apply for an iOS certificate directly in Windows


Download installed Appuploader 


You can use our registered apple id experience   password:abc123456ABC


1, open Appuploader, with ordinary Apple account login


If this prompt indicates that you have not agreed to the agreement at the Apple Developer Center, see the second step in the first big step.

2, there is a sign up without a tube, fork off, select Certification

3, click the lower right corner + ADD, select the first item ios App development, enter the name (English free), mailbox (free),

Password behind the package ipa to use, to remember, 123 and the like on the line.

Here can only create an ios certificate p12, if you want to re-create please click revoke to delete

4, click p12 File to download and save the .p12 certificate file


Third, apply for ios description file (mobileprovision)


1, return to the software, select Profiles


2, click the lower right corner + ADD, first select Add appid application identifier, enter the appid, the format is this way, there are two points in the middle.

I began to enter the com.ceshi.ceshi wrong suggested that the format is correct, but there is an error, try to modify the next error is not on the line.

I changed the following com.fen.tian, so ok, appid ipa in the packaging to fill, remember well



3, the next step to add the phone used to test, and first get UUID.


Use the iPhone or iPad sweep code to choose their own browser safari browser to open the two-dimensional code in the link, you can quickly get UDID

Or connect to the Apple phone assistant to get to.

This is a long list of equipment UUID


The same time as


Get to UUID, click Add Device, copy it, enter the device name, click ok.

You can add multiple



4, add a good device, fork off, click on the lower right corner of the + ADD, select the first ios App development.


Select the newly created appid such as com.fen.tian, check the first step to create the ios certificate p12 , select the equipment to be tested, multiple choice.

Enter the name and click ok to create it.



5, click Download to download save .mobileprovision, description file.



4. Packing ipa


xcode  builds ipa tutorial


4.1Upload your APP package zip to the site



4.2click Builds Choice iOS Upload ios certificates provisioning profiles



4.3Click the lock icon to enter the password



4.4Click Rebuild Identification certificate construction IPA



4.5After the completion of the compiler to download the IPA package




Fifth, install ipa


1, download love apples assistant, connect the phone, Apple’s official iTunes assistant can not install, do not use this.



Click on the application of the game, click on the import installation, select the newly packaged ipa package.



2, ipa will be automatically installed, the type is jailbreak version, after the success of the installation of personal genuine, because it is a personal ios certificate package, no shelves App Store.



3, the installation of the first successful application will appear the following tips, with the test certificate or enterprise certificate package ipa will be so, need to set up.

Click on the settings, enter the generic, drop-down selection file and device management.



4, click on the developer application of the following account, trust, and then you can start the application, not prompted.


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