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ios app submit  to App Store tutorials

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A key update APP introduction

Appuploader has a template function, you can update the application of information on itunesconnect.

If you submit multiple APP or more than one language version of the APP, use the template to set the APP screenshots and information, will be a great help, save a lot of time


1, run appuploader, and then click the template



2, select the project to update the hook



3, download and save the template folder to the computer disk



4, in the template folder, in the corresponding sub folder to add the app information.



5、Choice Update



6, select just edit the template folder



7, will automatically upload app information to the ItunerConnect, after the completion of the upload, to ItunerConnect to see the updated APP information.



Because the submission screen image to itunesconnect is a very troublesome thing, had to upload dozens of screen shots, repeated boring. Using appuploader template to upload screenshots can be fast and simple, save a lot of time.
If you submit a number of APP, the use of templates to set up, will be of great help.


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