Issue certificates to app store and publish test ad hoc certificates

Where is the difference between the ad hoc certificate and the development certificate? If your tester (team of testers, customers) can be test equipment before you, directly inserted into the MAC on your development machine, you can directly to the program “irrigation” in the development of the certificate is enough, do not need the ad hoc certificate.

What if tester’s iOS device doesn’t allow you to program? You have to package (Archive) your program, and then sent to your tester, let him through the iTunes installation, it requires the ad hoc certificate.

The real machine debugging certificate need to add mobile phone ID Developer Center, created by mobile phone ID test certificate, even if your mobile phone can not escape, installation and commissioning.


The real machine debugging is divided into five steps
1, add debugging equipment
2, apply for iOS debugging certificate
3, configuration and debugging description file
4, iOS packaging IPA
5, installed to the phone debugging

Add test equipment

1, get UDID

The use of iPhone or iPad own browser scan the following two-dimensional code, you can quickly get UDID



2, log on to the developer center, add the device, select Devices, click on the upper right corner +.




3, enter the device name and device UDID, click all the way to create.




Two, create a release test certificate
1, open the software, select Certification.



2, click on the +ADD option to issue the certificate options, click +ADD to select the developer certificate options, enter the certificate name, mailbox, certificate password, click OK to create.



3, download and save the certificate file (.P12)




Three, create a release test description file
1, select Profiles, click +ADD to select the developer description file options



2, click on the +ADD to select the test description file (AD HOC), select the appid, check the association before the creation of the issue of the certificate, check to be used to test the device, enter the name, click OK to create.



3, Download save (.Mobileprovision) file



Four, iOS packaging IPA

phonegap Example


1、Upload your APP package zip to the site



2、click Builds Choice iOS Upload ios certificates provisioning profiles



3、Click the lock icon to enter the password


4、Click  Rebuild Identification certificate construction IPA



5、After the completion of the compiler to download the IPA package




five、Install IPA to phone test


The generated IPA package, through the apple assistant installed to the phone debugging





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