If the Apple developer account opened by the private password, you need to configure the App password to Appuploader to upload ipa

Otherwise, Ipa will be submitted incorrect report

1 package (s) were not uploaded because they had problems:
C: \ Users \ ADMINI ~ 1 \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ au \ itmsp \ 1346411136.itmsp – Error Messages:
Sign in with the app-specific password you generated. If you forgot the app-specific password or need to create a new one, go to appleid.apple.com
First login


Find security, click edit

Click to view the record to see the previously generated private password, if you do not remember the previous private password, undo the previous rebuild one.

Private password is like this, copy this password, open Appuploader

Click the upper right corner, select Settings, copy the special password up, check the Save Account and save the password, click ok, and then you can upload normally.