1、Download and install iOS certificate application assistant software Appuploader

Install Appuploader Tutorial


After downloading the package, unzip it and use it directly, no need to install it.




2、Log in to Appuploader to apply for iOS certificate file p12


3、Select the certificate item to enter



4、Click on the bottom right corner + ADD select


Type: ios app development

Name:  feel free to set

E-mail: (optional)

cert Password: The password of the certificate is not the developer account password. For example, 123 is not very complicated. It is very important to remember and use it when packaging.

identifier: No need to choose here!

Click ok to create.



Note: Up to 2 iOS development certificates can be applied. If the account already has 2 development certificates, the application will be reported as an error (see the figure below).


A development certificate can be used for multiple APP tests. Each application does not need to apply for a development certificate p12. The development certificate p12 can be used publicly. The description file of the following steps can be distinguished. A p12 can correspond to a number of description files. .

Of course, you can also delete the previous re-apply.


5、After the creation is successful, find the iOS development certificate you just created (the iOS Development type is the development certificate. If you have created the expiration time before you know which one is newly created), click the p12 file to download and save the .p12 certificate file to the computer. .



6、Apply for iOS development certificate description file mobileprovision



Before applying for an ios description file, add two basic information, BundleID and Apple mobile device number udid


If you have previously added the app id and device, the app id click on the triangle symbol drop-down to see that the device selects the development profile option to see the previously added.


Skip this step if you have previously added BundleID that was previously added.


Appid format three-part  com.app.gmail


Name:Number or letter free to edit



After the addition is successful, re-click +ADD in the lower right corner to check whether the addition is successful.



If you add an error (the application id is unique, it may be added repeatedly or someone else used the application id), the solution is to modify the application id, re-edit.



7、Add test device udid


UDID:Enter the udid of the phone that needs to be installed for testing

Name:Number or letter free to edit


Can be seen here after the addition is successful




8、Check the relevant information to generate an ios development certificate description file.


Type: iOS App development

App id: Select the corresponding app id added

Devices: Check the need to test Apple phones

Name:Number or letter free to edit

Click ok to create



9、Select the iOS development version description file you just created (the iOS Developer type is the development description file, find the name of the input you just created), click Download to save it to your computer.




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