Generally speaking, upload ios APP auditing is divided into 6 steps. Many developers do not directly upload ipa when they create APP in iTunes Connect. Therefore, they cannot be identified and the logic is wrong. You should create an APP in iTunes Connect and then upload ipa. The ipa file knows where it was uploaded. Therefore, the process of creating an APP is emphasized here. It is

equivalent to creating a file for this APP.


1, iTunes Connect to create APP

2, apply for iOS release certificate

3, apply for iOS release description file

4, package ipa

5, upload ipa

6, set the APP information submitted for review


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Introducing iTunes Connect to create an APP


1. Log in to iTunes Connect and click on my app to create an app


2. Go to the upper left corner and click on the number to select New APP, select platform iOS, enter your application name, language, package ID


Sku can not write in Chinese, one by one with Pinyin, easy to identify on the line, such as the app is called Taobao, enter taobao, so it is easy to remember.

Created APP and then proceed to the next step, APP-related information is temporarily not set up, so upload ipa back to set.