iOS APP review is strict, it will inevitably appear rejected, you need to modify the package and upload the review according to Apple’s feedback!

IOS APP Review Common Reasons for Rejection


1. Log in itunesconnect, to enter the rejected APP page


Click on an unresolved iOS issue to see why.


2. Copy the reason why the translation was specifically rejected, review the screenshot of the feedback, and repackage the upload according to the problem modification app.

You can also complain directly in the reply. You can write Chinese directly.

3, then click on the next activity to view the version number you have uploaded, modify the package when compared to the previous high, such as now 2.0.0, can be modified to 2.1 or 2.0.1.

4, modify the package, re-upload ipa file. Click to be rejected by 1.0, select the Build Version option, move the mouse over the previously selected version, and click Delete.


5. Select the newly uploaded version after modification and click Finish.



6, then click on the storage in the upper right corner.



7. Save it and click Submit for review.


8, the information appears here according to the different types of apps, there are different options, according to their own app’s situation

Generally choose no.

Then submit, show as waiting for review, and wait for Apple to review again.



9. If it becomes available for sale, congratulations on your success. If it is still rejected, click to view the question, modify it according to the feedback, and then repackage and submit it for review.