We apply for ios certificate usually need to use Apple mac computer to apply, our Appuploader software, you can try to apply for ios certificate on Windows computer, convenient for developers

without Mac Mac computer to apply for ios certificate and upload ipa file, because there are a lot of development Tools can be developed directly in Windows ios APP, which is a good auxiliary software.


Install Appuploader Tutorial


The following describes the use of Appuploader software to apply for  distribution certificate


一、P12 file application
1, open the software, select Certification.




2, click on the +ADD option to issue the certificate options, click +ADD to select the developer certificate options, enter the certificate name, mailbox, certificate password, click OK to create.



3, download and save the certificate file (.P12)



二、Apply for Mobileprovision file
1, select Profiles, click +ADD to select the developer description file options



2, click on the +ADD to select the test description file (AD HOC), select the appid, check the association before the creation of the issue of the certificate, check to be used to test the device, enter the name, click OK to create.



3, Download save (.Mobileprovision) file



Very simple to get two ios certificate files