The red box above shows that the ipa upload is successful. Log in to iTunes Connect to view the uploaded ipa.


Go to the app, click on the activity, all build options (shown below), here will show the build version of the successful upload, if the ipa package is no problem, just upload it will show that it is being processed!


If you find that there is no build version, or refresh the build version disappears, this problem indicates that you have a problem with the uploaded ipa package, Apple will send the specific reason to the mailbox (developer account is the email address), log in to view the feedback email , modify the error and repackage the upload.


Modify the error When repacking, remember to add the version number. For example, if you just uploaded the version 1.0, add the next version number such as 1.1 when repacking. If you still upload the same version number of the ipa file, you can’t upload it.