Steps to add an app id in the Apple Developer Center

1.1 First log in to the Developer Center at,, enter the certificate page, click on the red circle below to enter the settings.



1.2 Select sidebar identifiers -> click on the + sign to add a new App ID



Select the app ids option to enter the creation








If you create an error, it means that the application id of has been created, and the application id is created by yourself or someone else’s account, because the application id is unique, and others have not created it.

Need to rewrite the creation!



After creating it, you can see the created record!




If you want to add the previous application id to open the relevant permissions


Add the application id that needs to be modified before the App IDs item is found.


The application id added in our AU software will also be recorded here!




Click the application id you want to modify, and then check the relevant permissions to be saved. After saving, you need to re-apply for the description file certificate!