You need the iOS certificate, which can be obtained here

IOS certificate application assist software Appuploader

A key to apply for iOS certificate, but also quickly shelves iOS APP to the App Store

Windows, Mac and Linux can be used

No Mac, no Mac key chain, can also apply for iOS certificate

IOS certificate creation tutorial

Create  iOS distribution certificate tutorial  (Upload to App Store)

Create iOS  developer certificate  tutorial(Xcode development test)

Create iOS Ad hoc certificates tutorial  (Do not upload the App Store test)

Create iOS push certificate tutorial(APP push notification)

Create iOS Enterprise Certificate tutoria(Enterprise Publishing APP)

Build IPA tutorials

Xcode builds ipa tutorials

phonegap Build IPA  tutorials

ios app submit to App Store tutorials

ios app submit  to App Store tutorials

IOS debugging device tutorials

Appuploader software application for iOS certificate process


Appuploader can quickly achieve iOS certificate application, just enter the iOS certificate name, password, mailbox 3 seconds to generate

But also a key to submit IPA to the App Store, simplify the iOS APP on the shelf process, 10 minutes to complete your shelves

Provide Apple ID experience Appuploader

Apple    password:abc123456ABC

Not Apple Developer ID Create ios certificate and build ipa  Tutorial

There are many kinds of iOS certificates, in the Apple Developer Center to apply for a slow and complex, but also need to set the Mac key chain

You are having trouble applying for iOS and uploading iOS iOS. We are happy to answer your questions

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