IOS updated version with the new APP process APP almost, a few steps.


1, add a new version

2, packaged IPA

3, upload IPA

4, submitted to review


First, log in to itunesconnect, enter the APP page to be updated, click + version or platform, add a version.



Second, upload the certificate compiled package ipa


IOS certificate can be used before you have used the release of the certificate, if not met, re-create, corresponding to good appid.


IOS release certificate application introduction


Pay attention to the revision of the version number


1、Upload your APP package zip to the site



2、click Builds Choice iOS Upload ios certificates provisioning profiles



3、Click the lock icon to enter the password



4、Click Rebuild Identification certificate construction IPA



5、After the completion of the compiler to download the IPA package




Third, upload IPA to the App Store


1, open the Appuploader program, click Upload.


2, select the iap package just generated



3, Appuploader will automatically upload your IPA, when the following tips, indicating successful upload, click deail can view APP information.



4. Go back to iTunes Connect for review


1, upload the IPA, and then go back to iTunes Connect, enter the fill in the information page, below a build version of the option, before this no +, if the upload is successful, a few minutes next to a plus button , Click + then you will just upload the APP, there are multiple versions will appear multiple, click, click to complete.


Note: If there is no time after a period of +, ipa may not meet the requirements, there will be a feedback message, according to the feedback after the re-upload revised.


Add the build version, if you want to modify the add, add the next version of the package, if the same with the previous upload can not.

Click to delete will appear + number, you can choose another version of the upload to submit the audit.



2、After checking the corresponding APP information, click Submit for review.



3、Submit the audit back to my APP view will be prompted to wait for the audit, the audit is sometimes a day or two, or a few days time, often visit to see the audit situation, or see e-mail tips.

If you become available for sale, congratulations you ~ update success, if the display is rejected, click to view the problem, according to feedback and then re-upload.

PS: If you refuse to change, modify the re-upload, does not affect your previous version.