App IDs is equivalent to an ID application for APP applications that can be used when applying for an iOS certificate and when creating an APP at itunesconnect


1, log on the developer center, enter the certificate page, click on the certificate, ID and accessory files, enter the settings.



2, select App IDs -> click + to create a new App ID



There are two items that you need to fill in yourself:

The first Name, used to describe your App ID, the casual fill, there is no limit, it is best to project name, so easy to identify their own (not allowed Chinese)

The second Bundle ID (App ID Suffix), which is your App ID suffix, need to fill out carefully. Used to mark our app, so that it has a fixed identity, and your program directly related. Fill out the format of Explicit App ID:, according to the format to write, write a convenient note, followed by a lot of places to use.

The third App Services, the default will choose 2, can not be modified, the other according to their own needs to select the service, and then click Continue to confirm, the next step.




3, check the next is not wrong, then click Register and click Done to complete the App ID to create.



4, the following string is to create a good APPids



Complete iOS APP upload process click to view


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