Xcode package IPA package before the first application for iOS certificate, and then import the certificate in order to package export IPA package.


Divided into 8 steps


1, apply for iOS certificate


2, import the certificate to the keychain


3, xcode configuration iOS certificate


4, configure the xcode package environment


5, package and export IPA package


6, create an App in iTunes Connect,


7, upload IPA to the App Store


8. Go back to iTunes Connect for review



First, apply for iOS release certificate and description file


1, first apply for an App IDs (application ID), has applied for a skip.


APP IDs in the back to create a release file, create an APP must be used.


If the iOS debugging was created before, do not have to re-create, or use that appid.


First open the Developer Center https://developer.apple.com/cn/, enter the certificate page.


1.1 Click on the certificate, ID and accessory file to enter the settings.



1.2 Select App IDs -> Click + to create a new App ID



There are two items that you need to fill in yourself:


The first Name, used to describe your App ID, the casual fill, there is no limit, it is best to project name, so easy to identify their own (not allowed Chinese)


The second Bundle ID (App ID Suffix), which is your App ID suffix, need to fill in carefully. Used to mark our app, so that it has a fixed identity, and your program directly related. Fill in the format of the Explicit App ID: com.company.appName (to have two points.) Written in the format, write a convenient note, followed by a lot of places to use.


The third configuration service permissions, the default will choose 2, can not be modified, other commonly used Apple payment, APP push notification, according to their own needs to select the service, and then click Continue to confirm, the next step.


Select Apple to pay and push notifications, but also need to create the corresponding iOS Apple payment certificate and iOS push certificate.


Generally nothing to ask the default like.



Check the next is not wrong, then click Register and click Done to complete the App ID to create.




2, apply for a certificate issued


Here use the Appuploader tool to apply directly to export p12 files and description files.

If you have not installed Appuploader first installed


Appuploader installation tutorial


2.1 open Appuploader, enter the Apple Developer Center account, login.



2.2 Select Certification


2.3 click + ADD, where the development of certificates and so on to create options, where the election of the third issue of a certificate.

If you have a certificate issued before you can not create, with the previous line, Apple provides individuals can only create three release certificate.



2.4 input, certificate name (free) mailbox (any mailbox will do) password (behind the introduction of the key pad assistant) and then click ok


2.5 at this time to generate a good release of a certificate, click p12 File, download the certificate file, save to the computer.


So that the release of the certificate to create a good.


3, apply to publish the description file


3.1 Back to Software Click Profiles



3.2 click + ADD, there are development description files and so on options, where the election release file.



3.3 Select APP IDs, which were created in the Developer Center, which will appear automatically here.



3.4 check the newly created release certificate association, enter name, click ok


Note: If you have previously created multiple release certificates, the following release certificate box displays multiple release certificates,

You can select all, the default newly created release certificate, package the latest creation of the issuing certificate password.


Ps: release the certificate can be a different app, the description of the different documents on the line.



3.5 At this point to generate a release description file, click Download to download to the computer to save



So get a .p12 card file and a .mobileprovision profile


Second, the introduction of iOS certificate p12 to the key chain assistant


1, open the key pad assistant, double-click the p12 file, the default keychain is (login), pay attention here must choose (system)

So behind the package when the iOS certificate will not be given.



2, after the introduction of this certificate is signed by the unknown authority, because it is not using the machine’s keychain file to apply for the iOS certificate

But it does not matter, set the trust just fine



3, double-click the certificate, click on the trust, use this certificate, set to always trust.



Third, xcode configuration iOS authentication and packaging environment


1, use xocde to open your project, click to enter the setup certificate interface.

There are two places to set up


Select Code Signing the following release (release) Debugs is the beta, if the package test on the test version, import iOS release certificate.

On the shelves App Store select the release version.


And then select the corresponding iOS release certificate you just uploaded



2, back to the basic information settings interface, Bundie fill this, the first to create that appid, with the creation of iOS description file to choose the same.

Now there is an error message, because there is no import iOS description file.



3, double-click .mobileprovision description file, flash on the automatic import to the xcode, not the wrong said it can.



4, select the xcode menu bar as shown in the figure



5, the Archived modified to Release



6, click to select the device, select the packaging equipment.



Fourth, the project package IPA package export
1, select the menu bar as shown in the figure, if the Archive is still gray, indicating that the previous configuration did not take effect, quit re-open the next.

Click Archive to start packing.



2, package progress bar finished, will pop up the following interface, click Expcrt



3, here is the personal development account released to the App Store, so select the first item, click Next. Test the election of the second election.



4, select your developer account, not login will prompt you to log in, click Choose, will check your iOS certificate is correct.



5, iOS certificate detection through this step, click Export, it will export a folder, which is IPA file, you’re done.



This IPA package can be uploaded to the App Store.

6, create an App in iTunes Connect,


6.1 Enter iTunes Connect to create the APP, select my APP click on the top left corner + select the new APP, enter your application name, language, package ID, previously created in the Developer Center corresponding APP IDs (and just created iOS release profile When the selected appid to be consistent, so with the iOS certificate packaged IPA, upload will be able to identify the corresponding) sku can not write Chinese, click to create.



6.2here to use Xcode or Application loader to submit IPA, and so under the Appuploader can be used directly upload ipa, faster.

APP information is now not filled out, and so on under the IPA upload successful and then fill out.

Here to build the version next to no +, followed by upload IPA will appear, and so will be used.



7, upload IPA to the App Store


7.1 Open the Appuploader program and click Upload.



7.2 select the newly generated iap package, Appuploader will automatically upload your IPA, when the following tips, indicating successful upload, click deail can view APP information.



8. Go back to iTunes Connect for review


8.1 upload a good IPA, and then return to iTunes Connect, enter the fill in the information page, below a build version of the option, before this no +, if the upload is successful, a few minutes next to a plus button, Click on the + and then you will just upload the APP, there are multiple versions will appear multiple, click, click to complete.


If after a period of time, build the version there did not appear +, there is no build version, Apple will have a feedback mail, please check the mailbox, which shows the reasons for the rejection, modify and then upload.




Add the build version, if you want to modify the add, add the next version of the package, if the same with the previous upload can not.

Click to delete will appear +, you can choose another version of the upload to submit the audit.



8.2 and then set up APP-related information, categories, prices, sales services.



Screenshots, if your app only supports iPhone, you only need to provide 5.5-inch display screenshots

Pixel – Portrait: 1242 x 2208,

Horizontal: 2208 x 1242

72 dpi, RGB, flat, opaque High quality JPEG or PNG image file format).

Other sizes check the 5.5-inch on the line, up to upload 5.

If your application supports iPad,

a 12.9-inch screen shot will be able to meet the requirements. APP icon size is 1024 * 1024


8.3 After setting the appropriate APP information, click Submit for review.



8.4 Submit the audit back to my APP view will be prompted to wait for the audit, the audit is sometimes a day or two, or a few days time, often landed to see the audit situation, or see e-mail tips.


If you become available for sale, congratulations you ~ shelves success, if the display is rejected, click to view the problem, according to feedback changes and then re-upload.


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