There are two types of commissioning certificates

Develop certificates and Ad hoc certificates

IOS needs to be packaged with IPA to install the phone to the phone

If you use xcode development, you can directly use the development certificate, with the phone to connect xcode for real machine debugging, but now also free certificate debugging, it is convenient.

If you need to pack to a friend, the customer test, inconvenient to take the phone directly to you to connect xcode to fill, or need iOS test certificate (Ad hoc) package, can be issued to others to install.

If you use HBuilder and other cross-platform development tools to develop iOS iOS, but also to use iOS test certificate (Ad hoc) packaged IPA can be installed to non-jailbreak mobile phone test.

Apply for iOS certificate first step to apply for an APPid (application ID)

Applying App IDs

APP IDs in the back to create iOS debugging files, and later shelves iOS will be used.

First open the Developer Center , enter the certificate page.

1.1 Click on the certificate, ID and accessory file to enter the settings.

1.2 Select App IDs -> Click + to create a new App ID

There are two items that you need to fill in yourself:

The first Name, used to describe your App ID, the casual fill, there is no limit, it is best to project name, so easy to identify their own (not allowed Chinese)

The second Bundle ID (App ID Suffix), which is your App ID suffix, need to fill in carefully. Used to mark our app, so that it has a fixed identity, and your program directly related. Fill out the format of the Explicit App ID:, according to the format to write, write a convenient note, followed by a lot of places to use.

The third App Services, the default will choose 2, can not be modified, the other according to their own needs to select the service, and then click Continue to confirm, the next step.

Check the next is not wrong, then click Register and click Done to complete the App ID to create.

Second, add the test equipment

1, get UDID

Use the iPhone or iPad to scan the following two-dimensional code to get the UDID quickly

The same time as the above-

2, log in the developer center, add equipment, select Devices, click the upper right corner + number.

3, enter the device name and device UDID, all the way to create.

Third, create a release test certificate

1, open the software, select Certification.

2, click + ADD to select the release certificate option, click + ADD to select the developer certificate option, enter the certificate name, mailbox, certificate password, click ok to create.

3, download the save certificate file (.p12)

Fourth, create a release test description file

1. Select Profiles and click + ADD to select the developer profile option

2, click + ADD to select the release test description file option (ad hoc), select appid, check the association created before the release of the certificate, check the previously added to test the device, enter the name, click ok to create.

3. Download the saved (.mobileprovision) file


Save the iOS certificate and description file, and then you can go to the development platform you use the packaging test.


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