Here details iOS App upload App Store process, read this article can quickly master iOS APP upload skills to help beginners to develop


On the shelves, iOS requires a paid developer account that has not yet applied for a loan or loan.


Apply for a developer account


The shelf is divided into seven steps, step by step.


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Look at this process carefully, take a lot of detours, do not try to try mistakes, prompting efficiency.



1, create APP ID (App IDs)

2, apply for iOS  certificate

3, apply for iOS description file

4, Build IPA

5, create an App in iTunes Connect

6, upload IPA to the App Store

7, upload a good IPA back to iTunes Connect fill APP information and submit the audit


一, Create a unique identifier App IDs


1.1First login to the Developer Center





1.2Select sidebar identifiers -> click on the + sign to add a new App ID


Select the app ids option to enter the creation





If you create an error, it means that the application id of has been created, and the application id is created by yourself or someone else’s account, because the application id is unique, and others have not created it.

Need to rewrite the creation!


After creating it, you can see the created record!




二、apply for a iOS Distribution Certificate


1、Download and install iOS certificate application assistant software Appuploader


Install Appuploader Tutorial


After downloading the package, unzip it and use it directly, no need to install it.




2、Log in to Appuploader to apply for iOS certificate file p12


3、Select the certificate item to enter



4、Click on the bottom right corner + ADD select


Type: App Store and AD hoc

Name:  feel free to set

E-mail: (optional)

cert Password: The password of the certificate is not the developer account password. For example, 123 is not very complicated. It is very important to remember and use it when packaging.

identifier: No need to choose here!

Click ok to create.



5、After the creation is successful, find the iOS development certificate you just created (the iOS Development type is the development certificate. If you have created the expiration time before you know which one is newly created), click the p12 file to download and save the .p12 certificate file to the computer. .



6、Apply for iOS development certificate description file mobileprovision


8、Check the relevant information to generate an ios development certificate description file.


Type: iOS App development

App id: Select the corresponding app id added

Devices: Check the need to test Apple phones

Name:Number or letter free to edit

Click ok to create



9、Select the iOS Dvitirbution version description file you just created (the iOS Developer type is the development description file, find the name of the input you just created), click Download to save it to your computer.


四、 build IPA


xcode  builds ipa tutorial


4.1Upload your APP package zip to the site



4.2click Builds Choice iOS Upload ios certificates provisioning profiles



4.3Click the lock icon to enter the password



4.4Click Rebuild Identification certificate construction IPA



4.5After the completion of the compiler to download the IPA package


五、Create an App in iTunes Connect


4.1、Log in to iTunes Connect and click on My app to create an app.




Go to the top left corner + click to select New APP, select platform iOS,


App name: the name of the APP


Language: The language of the APP, Chinese or English.


Package ID: (application id, appid, package name, consistent with the application certificate)


Sku: Can’t write Chinese, you can use one of the pinyin to edit one, so you can recognize it. If the app is called Taobao, enter taobao.


User access rights: generally select full access rights


Created the app and then uploaded the ipa file.



Upload IPA to App Store in Windows environment

5.1, upload IPA to the App Store under Windows environment

First create an APP-specific password and configure it to the Appuploader software!

Apple’s mechanism, uploading ipa requires a specific APP-specific password, app-specific password


Open website




Log in to find the security item and click Generate Private Password.



Password tags can be entered casually, 123, app, etc.

Click Create to generate, (note that the password label is not a private password, is a string of passwords generated by the Apple system). The password is the password below. Copy this password and open the Appuploader.


Click on the upper right corner, select Settings, copy the upload password, and check the save password, click Save to save, and then go back and submit the ipa upload to upload normally.



5.2、Enter a special password and click OK to save, click on the single ipa button to submit


5.3、Choose the ipa package that has just been packaged and tested.




Appuploader will automatically upload your IPA. If the package needs to be uploaded for a period of time, when the following prompt appears (packages were uploaded successfully progress bar blue), the upload is successful.

If the progress bar is red, the upload failed, use the link below to find a solution, or add technical support.Upload ipa common error solution


Upload ipa common error solution





After uploading successfully, go to the background to view the uploaded version.

Packages were uploaded successfully Progress bar blue, after ipa upload is successful, log in to iTunes Connect background to view uploaded ipa

Go to the app, click on the activity, all build options (shown below), here will show the build version of the successful upload, if the ipa package is no problem, just upload it will show that it is being processed!


If the version does not appear, please check the link below to resolve

See what’s wrong with the feedback email



After uploading ipa, set the corresponding information to submit the review.

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