iOS APP need to push the notice, use the iOS push certificate, divided into test debugging with the iOS push certificate (development environment) and shelves to the App Store ios push certificate! (Production Environment)   First, iOS test push certificate (test debugging)   1, open Appuploader, select Certification.     2, click + ADD \ select… Read More

    Add test equipment . 1, get UDID . The use of iPhone or iPad own browser scan the following two-dimensional code, you can quickly get UDID ​ 2, log on to the developer center, add the device, select Devices, click on the upper right corner +. 3, enter the device name and device… Read More

App IDs is equivalent to an ID application for APP applications that can be used when applying for an iOS certificate and when creating an APP at itunesconnect   1, log on the developer center, enter the certificate page, click on the certificate, ID and accessory files, enter the settings.   2, select App… Read More

  IOS updated version with the new APP process APP almost, a few steps.   1, add a new version 2, packaged IPA 3, upload IPA 4, submitted to review   First, log in to itunesconnect, enter the APP page to be updated, click + version or platform, add a version.     Second, upload… Read More

You need the iOS certificate, which can be obtained here IOS certificate application assist software Appuploader A key to apply for iOS certificate, but also quickly shelves iOS APP to the App Store Windows, Mac and Linux can be used No Mac, no Mac key chain, can also apply for iOS certificate IOS certificate creation… Read More

  You can get the answer here ios app submission Appuploader tool One-click application for iOS certificate Quickly upload IPA, bulk update APP information Windows, Mac and Linux can be used No Mac, but also shelves 10 minutes to complete your shelves Appuploader tool submit ios app from windows guidelines ios app submit to App Store tutorials… Read More

IOS Enterprise certificate can be shelves App Store installed to the phone to use Need a Enterprise account to apply Create an iOS certificate first apply for an APP ID card, apply for iOS certificate file. Mobileprovision need to choose, as well as in itunesconnect. New app also need.   appids  Apply for a tutorial… Read More

Appuploader is uploading IPA to App Store tool More convenient than the Application Loader, more efficient upload IPA to the App Store IOS App uploaded App Store related tutorial   IOS certificate creation tutorial Create  iOS distribution certificate tutorial  (Upload to App Store) Create iOS  developer certificate  tutorial(Xcode development test) Create iOS Ad hoc certificates… Read More

  4.1Upload your APP package zip to the site     4.2click Builds Choice iOS Upload ios certificates provisioning profiles     4.3Click the lock icon to enter the password     4.4Click Rebuild Identification certificate construction IPA     4.5After the completion of the compiler to download the IPA package  … Read More