Here details iOS App upload App Store process, read this article can quickly master iOS APP upload skills to help beginners to develop   On the shelves, iOS requires a paid developer account that has not yet applied for a loan or loan.   Apply for a developer account   The shelf is divided… Read More

Appuploader adds a powerful feature Free Apple pay developer account, direct use of ordinary Apple id, you can use Appuploader application ios test certificate, packaged ipa installed to non-jailbreak equipment.   Of course, if you want to shelves App Store or need to register a paid Apple developer account.   If you just install ios… Read More

  Xcode package IPA package before the first application for iOS certificate, and then import the certificate in order to package export IPA package.   Divided into 8 steps   1, apply for iOS certificate   2, import the certificate to the keychain   3, xcode configuration iOS certificate   4, configure the xcode package environment… Read More

  The review of the Apple App is a big obstacle. It is normal to meet the rejection. If it is rejected, it is based on the feedback question and the following ideas are provided to find a solution. Apple’s audit is roughly divided into three parts: pre-approval, machine audit, and manual audit.   iOS… Read More

  Generally speaking, upload ios APP auditing is divided into 6 steps. Many developers do not directly upload ipa when they create APP in iTunes Connect. Therefore, they cannot be identified and the logic is wrong. You should create an APP in iTunes Connect and then upload ipa. The ipa file knows where it was… Read More

Introduction   Apps are changing the world, enriching people’s lives, and enabling developers like you to innovate like never before. As a result, the App Store has grown into an exciting and vibrant ecosystem for millions of developers and more than a billion users. Whether you are a first time developer or a large team of… Read More

  There are several types of iOS certificates. It is important to understand the role of various iOS certificates in developing iOS apps.   The following describes the role and application method of several common iOS certificates.   1, iOS development certificate The iOS development certificate is used to test the APP, and is installed… Read More

App IDs is equivalent to an ID application for APP applications that can be used when applying for an iOS certificate and when creating an APP at itunesconnect   1, log on the developer center, enter the certificate page, click on the certificate, ID and accessory files, enter the settings.   2, select App… Read More

  IOS updated version with the new APP process APP almost, a few steps.   1, add a new version 2, packaged IPA 3, upload IPA 4, submitted to review   First, log in to itunesconnect, enter the APP page to be updated, click + version or platform, add a version.     Second, upload… Read More

  You can get the answer here ios app submission Appuploader tool One-click application for iOS certificate Quickly upload IPA, bulk update APP information Windows, Mac and Linux can be used No Mac, but also shelves 10 minutes to complete your shelves Appuploader tool submit ios app from windows guidelines ios app submit to App Store tutorials… Read More

If the Apple developer account opened by the private password, you need to configure the App password to Appuploader to upload ipa Otherwise, Ipa will be submitted incorrect report 1 package (s) were not uploaded because they had problems: C: \ Users \ ADMINI ~ 1 \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ au \… Read More